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10+ Years Experience

Our certified professional have more that 10 years of experience in creating successful PPC Campaigns.

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We offer customized and performance based SEO services to deliver the best business marketing results.

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We offer marketing services that result oriented and proven to increased customer acquisitions & website ROI.

Reasons for hiring dedicated SEO in India today!

Reasons for hiring dedicated SEO

When you hire dedicated SEO in India, you are paying for so much more than just getting your website on the first pages of search results. A reputed SEO agency will help you create a reliable brand image on the internet that your customers can trust. This will increase the loyalty of the customers which in turn affects the repeatability of the business. You can call your business truly thriving on the internet only if your customers come back to your website to avail your product/services again and again.

Every sales professional will tell you that the quantity of outreach is directly proportional to the sales that your business gets. You need to create a subtle balance between the quality and quantity of the outreach to get a considerable amount of business.
With SEO, you can get in touch with more prospective clients than ever before. Unlike paid advertising, SEO focuses on organic search results. Therefore, you can easily get the necessary returns by getting in touch with more audience by spending less money.

A team of SEO experts knows how to use the search engine algorithms to its advantage. This team can research on the most attractive and necessary keywords to help you produce a good result from the efforts. A professional team will have access to the industry’s best research and analytical tools to measure the effect of SEO campaigns. It will constantly measure and analyse how the search engine interacts with your website to produce the desired results.

Getting more visitors to your website is just one small part of the game. The next important step involves convincing the customer to buy your product/service. SEO experts have the knack for stepping into the shoes of customers to figure out their needs. They know how customers think and react to a particular keyword.
A good SEO service provider will not only help you increase your organic search effect but will also help you drive up your sales by a significant amount.

When you hire a professional agency like Softrix to handle the SEO campaigns, you avail the benefits of customized services. Unlike smaller SEO agencies that try and fit their existing strategy on every client, Softrix can afford to build a customized strategy for your business. This way, the company is more suited to handle your SEO campaigns for the target audience.

Hiring a dedicated SEO service provider will ensure that they focus sincerely on the SEO efforts for your website/blog. The dedicated SEO team works as an independent unit in cohesion with your digital marketing professionals. This team if proficient in guiding and shaping your digital marketing strategy to reap a positive return on investment over time.
Having dedicated SEO in India is helpful since you can explicitly focus on the benefits of SEO rather than spending time juggling a couple of other things like web design and development.

Benefits of Our Hire Dedicated SEO Services

If you are still apprehensive about investing in organic SEO, below-mentioned industry statistics can help you understand why it is important.

89% of online consumers use Google, Bing or other search engines to make critical purchase decisions

An average of 70% users click on organic search engine results

Leads from major search engines like Google are 8 times more likely to close than any outbound search

Leads generated from Search Engine Optimisation have a close rate of 14.6%, while traditional advertisement have 1.7% close rate

70% online users do not click beyond the first page of search results and 60% of purchases happen within one hour of web search

Ethical Tricks to Capture the Audience’s Attention

Use Ethical Tricks to Capture the Audience’s Attention

A reputable SEO agency guarantees result from SEO but never puts a time cap on it. When you hire a dedicated SEO expert, he/she will tell you that you need to have a lot of patience for the efforts to yield results. Any SEO agency that boasts that it can generate organic results within a week or a month is probably a hack.

With a reputable SEO agency, you can capture the audience’s attention in ethical ways. This way, you never face the risk of blacklisting by Google. All popular search engines have algorithms that can detect malpractice. When they do, your website will immediately receive a bashing and be pushed down to a very low ranking.

Increase Customer Retention Statistics

Once your customer has brought the product, the game is over, right? Wrong! In fact, the game has just begun. A strong business relies on the repeatability of customers and business. With SEO you can increase your customer retention statistics by a significant amount so that the customers that availed your service/product once, come to your website again.

Food for thought: How do you think Amazon and Flipkart have such successful business models?
Two-word answer: Brand loyalty.

Increase Customer Retention Statistics
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