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“Ignoring Yahoo translates to ignoring one-sixth of Internet users. It’s a costly mistake you must avoid”

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“SoftTrix maximizes your visibility on Yahoo and Return on Investment, It’s a promise”

Sponsored Links have become one of the most fruitful ways of attracting traffic to any website. Whether you want to target people around the world or in a particular area, sponsored links are a must for your search engine marketing strategy. These bring in high quality traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates. They allow you to market your business creatively in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. While majority of people run after Google Sponsored links, Yahoo is one platform that you shouldn’t ignore. With close to one-sixth of the users using this search engine for their needs, you would leave out substantial number of users outside your marketing fold. Targeting Yahoo sponsored links helps you reach out to potential customers and increase your online marketability.

At SoftTrix we are a premier digital marketing agency and help clients derive maximum advantage out of the search engines. We have been catering to small and large businesses across various domains of business from different parts of the globe. With years of expertise in creating Yahoo Sponsored Ads and executing it to perfection, we are best placed to offer you quantifiable results.

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Irrespective of how broad or niche your business it we have it in us deliver you results. We create the perfect synergy between creativity and technology to build campaigns that are magnificent on their covers and technically sound it terms of CTR (Click Through Rate) and visibility. We bring in have a highly methodical approach to work process and this boosts the value of your campaign.

Gain Top Standing On Yahoo Search

We have a sole aim to help you top the results on the search engines we do this combining creativity with strong technical skills. We intelligently bid on keywords that hold maximum potential and at the same time offer you value for money. Here are some of the highlights of our Yahoo links marketing strategy.

  • In-Depth Analysis Research – What separates us from other marketing agencies is the amount of effort we put in analysing your business, competition and the market to derive maximum mileage from your ad campaign. This puts you in an advantageous position on Yahoo search results and helps attract quality traffic to your site.
  • Robust Targeting – The success of Yahoo Mail Sponsored ads or those on the search engine rests on identifying and targeting the potential audience. We diligently research keywords that your users are likely to search for.
  • Tailored Campaign – Your business is different from that of your nearest rival. We tailor the campaign to meet the exact needs of your business. We constantly keep monitoring the campaign and make changes to it whenever it becomes necessary.
  • Attractive Content – How often have you come across Yahoo AdWords ad and wanted to click it? Your potential users would also have the same desire in their minds. Our team of copywriters put in lot of effort to create captivating ads that arouse interest in your target audience.
  • Maximize ROI – Every dollar spent on advertising should count and we have always believed in this mantra and stuck to it in our work process. Our team will always look to bring down the cost of acquisition so as to make this marketing program economically feasible for your business.
  • Mobile Ads – Mobile search accounts for a substantial volume of the traffic these days and hence it is one of the core areas our sponsored links program. Since this segment of the users is growing every year we let you maximize the returns from them.
  • Tracking Performance – We believe in complete transparency with our advertising program and hence offer you regular reports that allow you to see the performance of your campaign. This also involves you in the search campaign as you would be able to come out with ideas that make the campaign better.

If you foresee great challenge in your Search Engine sponsored links campaign, come to us. At SoftTrix we thrive on challenges and this brings the best out of our team. We have used every project as a learning exercise and this has helped us create a long list of happy clientele. It’s your chance to be a part of this list.

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