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Professional Training in PHP

Turn your website into a multi featured application with PHP web development

When any user comes on your website, the first thing they notice is your website design. The way your website is build and how effectively it provides information to your users. However, with a good quality design, we always need to care about the user interaction on our website. A good interactive website is very essential to create connectivity with the customers.

PHP Syllabus:

PHP Basic PHP Intro
PHP Install
PHP Syntax
PHP Variables
PHP Echo/Print
PHP Data Types
PHP String Functions
PHP Constants
PHP Operators
PHP If ..else..else if
PHP Switch

PHP Forms PHP Form Handling
PHP Form Validation
PHP Form Required
PHP Form URL/Email
PHP Form Complete
PHP While Loop
PHP For Loop
PHP Functions
PHP Arrays
PHP Sorting Arrays
PHP Super Globals

PHP Advanced PHP Arrays Multi
PHP Date
PHP Include
PHP File
PHP File Upload
PHP Cookies
PHP Sessions
PHP Emails
PHP Secure Email
PHP Exception
PHP Filter

PHP Database PHP MySQL Intro
PHP MySQL Connect
PHP Create DB/Table
PHP Insert Intro

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