Mechanical Industrial Training In Mohali

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Mechanical Industrial Training In Mohali

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines

It’s the part of engineering that is concerned with the study and implementation of the principles of physics, maintenance of mechanical systems, materials science for design, analysis, and manufacturing.
The engineering branch comprises of the creation and operation of heat and mechanical power for the designing, construction and operation of tools and machines.

Study of Mechanical Engineering entails understanding of the core concepts of kinematics, mechanics, materials science, thermodynamics, electricity and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers employ the core principles along with the tools like product lifecycle management and computer aided engineering to analyze and design the manufacturing plants, industrial machinery and equipment, cooling and heating systems, aircraft, weapons, transport systems, robotics, medical devices, watercraft, and various other essential tools using the core principles.

Our training program is job oriented and on the completion of the training program students can establish their career as a power plant Engineer, Mechanical Plant Design Engineer, Consultant Engineer, Project Engineer, Mechanical Equipment Designer, CAM or CAD Engineer, Piping Design Engineer, Production Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Automobile Engineer or Maintenance Engineer.

Softtrixx Web Solutions offers Mechanical Engineering students Six weeks or Six Months Industrial Training. After completing the training program, students get to employ their practical and theoretical knowledge in the live industry that helps in developing a progressive career.

The training program is based on the latest technology used in the Mechanical Plant Design. The industrial training program is supported by Cloud Computing. Some of top Mechanical engineers  ——- local as well as international —- present guest lectures to students.

The professional trainers in our institute have 5 to 15 years of industrial experience. At the completion of the Six Weeks Industrial Training Program, the aspirant becomes an employable candidate who is completely ready to face the real industry.

After the Six Week training program is over, the candidate gets a certificate from Softtrixx Web Solution.  The candidate is provided with training material, project Case study, Code Documents, and Technical Drawing. The candidates is also given Career Consultation and is prepared for interviews.

We at Sofftrixx Web Solutions offer following Six Months Industrial Training for CAM/CAD courses for Mechanical Engineering Students in Mohali:

  • AutoCAD + CATIA + CNC Programming (Milling, Turning)
  • AutoCAD + Solidworks + CNC Programming (Milling, Turning)
  • AutoCAD + Industrial Plant Design + CNC Programming (Milling, Turning)
  • AutoCAD + Pro-E + CNC Programming (Milling, Turning)


The Six weeks Industrial Training Program offered by Softtrixx Web solutions consists of:


Solid Works


PRO-E & Industrial Plant Design

Career Opportunities:

Engineering Consultancy

Infrastructure Sector

EPC Sector

Oil and Gas Sector

Water Treatment Facilities

Pharmaceutical Sector

Environmental waste disposal

Fertilizer Plant

Chemical & Petrochemical Plant

Real Estate Sector

Energy & Power Sector

Food and beverage

The Document Checklist candidate is required to furnish:

Educational Documents

3 Passport Size Photographs

Any ID proof

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