6 Months Training For ECE Chandigarh & Mohali, 6 Weeks Industrial Training For ECE

Training Module For Electronics Field:

Electronics deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and associated passive electrical components and interconnection technologies. Commonly, electronic devices contain circuitry consisting primarily or exclusively of active semiconductors supplemented with passive elements; such a circuit is described as an electronic circuit.


Introduction to AVR family

1.Diffrence between MC-51(CISC) & AVR (RISC) family.


3.Atmega series specialisation.

4.Programming in embedded c & diffrent embedded C compilers.

5.Machine code burning techniques & softwares.

6.ATMEGA 8515 PIN details & features.

7.Hardware interfacing & programming in embedded C of external devices AVR:


MCS-51 FAMILY: Introduction to MCS-51(CISC) microcontrollers

1.Architectural features & PIN details of MCS-51.

2.Programming in assembly & Embedded C in diffrent compilers.

3.Machine code burning techniques & softwares.

4.Hardware interfacing & programming in Embedded C of following external & on chip device with MCS-51.


Introduction to PIC (RISC) (PIC 16F877A).

1.Architectural features & PIN details of PIC.

2.Programming in Embedded C & diffrent C compilers.

3.Machine code burning techniques & softwares.

4.Hardware Interfacing & programming in embedded C of external on chip device with PIC


Introduction to PLC & automation.

1.PLC industrial approach.

2.Architecture of PLC.

3.PLC fundamentals (Block Diagram).

4.PLC components.

5.Source-Sink concept.

6.Schneider effect.

7.Delta PLC fabrication.

8.Fabrication of hardwares on delta PLC.

9.Zeliosoft applications.

10.Gates fabrications.

11.XOR & Relay fabrications.

12.LADDER applications.

13.Switching applications.

14.Projects applications.

15.Feedback applications.

16.Project applications using feedback.

17.Trobleshooting applications.

18.NO & NC concepts

19.TIMERS/COUNTERS applications

20.SCADA applications.


Introduction to Robotics

1.Advanced embedded applications.

2.Rotating module using micro-controllers.

3.Motors applications.

4.DC motors & applications.

5.DC motor with gear & its application.

6.Stepper motor & its applications.

7.Servomotors & its applications.

8.L293D & its applications.

9.ULN 2003 & its applications.

10.Sensors & its applications.

11.Op-amp applications.

12.555-timer applications.

13.ADC applications.

14.Wire-less applications

15.Micro-controller based rotating projects.

16.DTMF technology

17.IR based systems.

18.Automatic systems.

19.Control systems

20.Fabrication of robotic hardware.

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