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Remove Online Complaints of your customers

As a business you need to always maintain good online reputation. It is your most prized possession as this is what often decides the outcome of your future business engagement. Most customers like to buy products and services from firms that enjoy a positive reputation in the virtual world.

Whether you are a product manufacturer or run an online store you need find mention for positive reasons on the search results and social media platforms reason being your customers would browse the Internet to do a background research on the firm. This is where a negative comment or complaint can severely harm your business prospects.


Comprehensive Cleanup of Complaints

Whether your brand has become a victim to an online scam or a genuine complaint from a customer is listed high on the search engine results, we can help you. We at SoftTrix are experts in Online Reputation Management and carry out comprehensive cleanup of complaints. Our team has handled such issues for many years and this puts us in an advantageous position to take care of your brand reputation and spread a positive effect on your customers. We devise tailored strategies to deal with the problem and make use of latest tools and technologies to achieve success.

As your business grows such complaints tend to become common. Choosing to ignore them can be a catastrophic mistake as this would allow your rivals to cash in on such negative posts. When complaints and bad reviews are let to occupy the top results on the search engines they tend to portray your brand in poor light. While some of these complaints can be from genuine unhappy customers most others are completely fictitious which are intended at harming your brand reputation. In such a scenario Online Reputation Management services help you remove complaints and prevent your brand name from derailing on the Internet.

Our Complaint Removal Services Include


Permanent Removal

Though removing complaints permanently isn’t the easiest things to do, we leave no stone unturned in trying to achieve this. Our technical team raises the issue with online complaint boards and other publishers when a malicious complaint is posted about your business. When successful this allows us to deal with the crisis right at the source and prevent damage to your brand reputation.



 If we can’t remove it, we simply it hide it from your target audience. We make use of search engine optimization, content submission, social media marketing and many other online marketing techniques. Our posts occupy top positions on the results pages for all the major keywords and key phrases that your potential customers are likely to search with. This technique not only helps in suppressing the complaint but also markets your brand in front of the target audience.



As security systems are important at your office premises so is constant monitoring of your online reputation. We constantly keep track of complaints, reviews and posts about your brand. While you take care of the genuine complaints raised by the customers we deal with the malicious ones either getting them permanently removed or ensuring they are deep buried inside the search engines and the social media platforms.

Why We Stand Out?


You aren’t the same as your competitors and would neither want to ape their apps and solutions. ‘Exclusivity’ is the buzz word at SoftTrix as we strive to develop apps that are unique and meet the niche requirements of your business.


We have always believed app development to be marriage between creativity and technology and our developers ideate and come out with the most creative solutions. Take a look at one or our apps and you would be impressed with the look and feel we have created. Whether you want classy graphics or more sophisticated ones, our designers would deliver it to the last pixel.


An app is as good as the number of times it is downloaded and the dividend it offers. We see success in black and white and have always equated effectiveness of our apps with the return it offers to our clients.

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“ “Was looking for a Facebook marketing expert, a friend recommended SoftTrix. They are a wonderful team and very talented and did justice to the tight budget I sat for them. My page engagement saw a boost in a couple of months and my sales have increased. Great job guys and more power to you. ”


David J.Martin

Executive, React JS

“ “I had bad experiences with SEO and digital marketing services, till I found the team at SoftTrix. Our website has seen a significant rise in traffic and rankings. The process is one and I am sure with their expertise in web SEO services, they will get us where we want to be. This team is highly recommended. ”


David G. Mullins

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “Had hired SoftTrix for PPC advertising and I must say the team delivered above our expectations. The team is responsive and worked closely with our team despite the time difference. The team knows its stuff and it has been a great journey for us. They top it all up with competitive pricing. ”


Jordan D. Nelson

CEO, Pranklin Agency

“ “We were looking for affordable web design, but SoftTrix’s quote put us in doubt as it was nearly less than what others had quoted. We took the risk, and it was worth it. They impressed us with both UI and UX design of the website and now we have hired them for SEO and PPC services. What has impressed me the most about the team is the fact that they always come up with creative ideas. ”


Chester V. Buentello

CEO, Pranklin Agency

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Robin C. Miller

CEO, Pranklin Agency

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