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The world of business has become increasingly technology driven and Information Technology has been at the center of growth and demand over the last two decades. If the first decade of the 21st Century belonged to web development, this decade is all about apps and offering a more personalized experience to the users. Irrespective of the business you are in an inspiring mobile app can allow you to engage with your audience and also increase sale of your products and services. An exciting app would put you ahead of your rivals and give you competitive advantage over them. But you don’t need an app developer on your payrolls right, do you? Outsource app development project and you can reap numerous benefits. At SoftTrix we are the leading offshore development company offering app development services to the world. From Android to iOS our developers create strong business solutions.

Why We Dominate?


Our team comprises of seasoned developers who bring in skills in Android and iOS development to the table. We can develop native apps as well as cross-platform apps depending on your business needs. We use proven development strategies that can help your business engage with the audience and also improve your bottomline.


The scope of mobile apps is immense. Whether it is increasing productivity through enterprise apps or selling products directly to customers using ecommerce apps we have worked on a variety of niches. Our developers like to explore new challenges and we can easily come out with a unique solution that meets the needs of your business.


Marketing is a very important part of your app development cycle. It decides the penetration of your app among your target audience and its success. Our app development services are followed up with an astute marketing campaign that would give your app a strong platform in the competitive marketplace.


Mobile app development is a continuous process where your app would constantly need to be in sync with the latest demands in the market and stay ahead of the competition. From bug fixes to upgrades we ensure that your app continues to add value to your business.

Advantages Beyond Cost Cutting

Advantages Beyond Cost Cutting

The moment the word ‘outsourcing’ is mentioned most customers tend to think of it as the best means to cut costs. Outsourcing was initially marketed as a means to cut operational costs and it did suit the business model related to back office work. But when we are talking about cutting-edge technology such as app development which is skill driven the advantage is beyond ‘cost’. When you outsource iPhone app development you are looking for an app that would help you engage your clients/customers and increase your sales. We at SoftTrix combine creativity, technical acumen and marketing skills to deliver apps that add value to your business. Our experts keep updated with the latest trends in the industry and follow the market closely. This allows us to come up with ever more inspiring enterprise grade apps that will take your business to newer heights.

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