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The most important priority for a start up is to grow their name in the market. With so many options available for the people, it has become extremely difficult to be at the top without internet marketing. Internet marketing is gaining popularity because of its instant results and lower cost. Nowadays, nobody opts for the traditional methods of publicity as they cost more and take time. An appealing website and attractive image in front of the audience can help a lot towards lead generation. Softtrix, a company recognized for its creative internet marketing techniques and website designing is a great choice to expand your business and sales.


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Softtrix is an online marketing and off shore web development company situated in India and known for delivering its high quality services. Softtrix aims to provide the supreme quality services at an affordable rate to all those new business owners who dream of transforming their small business into a big venture. Due to Google certified marketing experts, Softtrix is renowned as one of the most successful lead generation companies in the world. With our professional behavior, timely service, superior quality and superb marketing, Softtrix helps you to meet your business goals and emerges as the strongest among your competitors. Softtrix, because of its consistent quality and prompt services has a powerful client’s base with many small scale businesses to valued ventures. The team at Softtrix aims to know their consumers, their products and their competitors completely so that we can use some better creative approach for marketing. We do our best to get your targeted policies done with the top notch facilities and ease. Even we inform our consumers about the implementation done by us for their branding. With high conversion rates and almost a 100 percent satisfaction by our clients, you can be assured to get the best service from us. We have completed many successful projects and are always ready to help you and your company. With our successful lead generation strategy, you can have a direct and healthy relationship with your clients. We offer many types of services which can help you increase your website traffic and the number of qualified leads.

Online marketing

The online marketing services we offer can generate high ranks and leads and convert them to sales. The lead generation marketing of Softtrix works in increasing the business leads and converting them into sales. Our SEO services provide the clients a wonderful branding. Whenever an internet user find anything on the web using a keyword which matches with what you are selling then your company name appears at the top of the search page. SEO services can increase the website traffic on a huge scale. Also, we offer pay per click service which can provide you with leads instantaneously. Whenever a user click on an ad of your company you have to pay a specified amount to the search engine company. Softtrix works to drastically reduce the cost per click and increases the conversion ratio.

Also, the company provides us with creative and unique web designing services and techniques which can be best used to attract and impress internet users. For generating leads, it is very much necessary to have an appealing website and to be viewed as a reliable and safe company. The web designers at Softtrix are experienced and innovative and try to put their souls to make your image praiseworthy. With our unique and refined skills, we produce a remarkable and eye catching design. Softtrix works with an intention to provide relationship oriented approach for generating leads and high ranks. We try to provide the internet users with all the important and unique products and services you offer. Our approach is very straight and simple unlike some companies which make the marketing business very complex.

Softtrix strives to boost the efficiency of our client’s business and tries to maximize production output. Our lead generation agency provides flexibility and saves a lot of money on internet marketing. Our top notch services are very reasonable and useful. We consider consumer satisfaction as our top most priority and this is our success factor and hence works to strengthen the relationship between them and their clients.

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