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As an insurer you are insuring people’s lives, their property and future, but have you insured your growth? While you may definitely have a business website informing about your products and services it is not enough in today’s fast growing digital world. Today majority of insurance buyers are turning to the Internet to buy plans and insure their assets. In such a scenario the success of your business solely depend on your online visibility and pole position of your website in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP. If you are in the inner pages of Google or other search engines you are virtually forfeiting space to competition. To rank high you need to run a well-planned insurance website SEO campaign.

Our proven track record in helping small and large insurance firms with their digital marketing campaign makes us your perfect partner. At SoftTrix Web Solutions we know what it takes to propel your insurance business to the top of the digital pyramid. With more than a decade of success behind us we have the most impressive and passionate team of marketers and writers in our team who create the perfect synergy between technical knowhow and engaging content to improve your rankings. We understand that in an industry as competitive as yours conversion is the only measure of success and hence we help drive in highly filtered traffic that improves your odds of a sale.

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Our Rewarding Process Involves

  • Thorough Dissection– We start by taking a thorough look at your website and other fundamentals that define the success of a SEO campaign. It begins with your website audit where we review the site structure, the quality of existing content, its mobile responsiveness etc. and make changes wherever necessary. Keyword research follows next and here our SEO experts choose keywords that hold maximum potential and can maximize the returns from your campaign. Next we take a look at your competition as it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents to beat them in this game.
  • Enriching Your Website– Quality of the content on your page defines the success insurance website SEO campaign. On-page optimization as it is called is the most important parts of your marketing campaign. As experts we create the most captivating content using the researched keywords. We also tweak the Title and Meta Description on the individual pages to attract search engine crawlers and improve your rankings. Here the focus is on establishing a value proposition and delivering the message to the target audience in the most convincing manner. The content is localized using your location to ensure you attract viewership that matters.
  • Taking You To The Audience– Once we are done optimizing the pages of your website we focus on taking your website to the target audience in what is known as off-page optimization. Keeping in mind the latest search engine algorithms we focus on building high quality links with authority sites that act as a pull factor for search engine crawlers. Localization is important for any insurance client and hence we submit your site to the top local search directories and also list your business in Google business listing and Google maps. These steps taken together help in building the most effective off-page campaign and improve your chances of discovery.

Why We Deliver Success

  • Proven Record with Insurance Clients – We have catered to this industry in the past and earned distinction in helping them increase their sales and brand value. Every industry has its nuisances in terms of how products/services are sold, aspirations of the clients and most importantly the inherent factors that govern the industry. Years of experience in working with Insurance clients across different verticals of this industry adds to our USP. You can expect our writers to create content that arouses the right emotions and shows that that your products have everything to meet their needs.
  • Sound Knowledge of Algorithms – Google and all major search engines are coming out with regular algorithmic updates to refine experience and prevent malicious practices aimed at exploiting search results. As a leading digital marketing agency we play by the book and stick to the best practices of optimization. Our team stays abreast with the latest algorithm updates and this helps us in running a campaign that is rewarding and sustainable in the long run.
  • Define Goals & Achieve Them – A successful SEO strategy starts with defining the goals of the campaign both in terms of the volume of traffic as well as the conversion rate. The moment you hire us we would set both short and long term goals discussing them with you and defining the scope of the project. When goals are properly defined this allow us to strategies your campaign accordingly. When one milestone is conquered we move onto the next to deliver you strong returns throughout our term of association and also beyond.
  • Establish Broad Digital Footprint – As you may already know Search Engine Optimization is only one part of comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We would run your insurance website SEO campaign to perfectly sync with other marketing efforts. As an end-to-end digital marketing company we also offer other services such as Social Media Optimization and Pay Per Click campaign that help in strengthening your online brand image.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Unlike most other marketing agencies we believe that your benefits from the campaign should go beyond numbers and sales. Hence we share with you basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization as this allows you to manage your site adhering to the best practices. This is ideal for clients who often run seasonal and short-term campaigns.

Our insurance clients focus on selling their products and client servicing while we handle their digital marketing campaign. At SoftTrix we have always believed there is one measure of success and i.e. goal accomplishment. Let us know your business goals and we would always achieve them.

Write to us at and we shall get going with the most rewarding campaign at the most competitive price.

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