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For any mobile app development company looking to create a strong foothold in the market the challenge lies with app marketing and increasing app downloads for its clients. In most cases you admire your app for its design, intuitiveness and functionality, yet see no major changes on the download counter. The problem is with more than a million apps each on Android and iOS ecosystem, getting people to download a new app can be quite an uphill task. As an app development and marketing company, you must understand that development is only 30% of the product lifecycle. You need to ensure that your clients’ target audience are downloading these apps and using them regularly. So we come to the big question, how to increase app downloads for your clients? Here in this brief write-up we shall try and unearth the secrets of increasing app downloads.

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  • Get The App Reviewed – Call it the social phenomenon or curiosity but most smartphone and tablet users tend to take the word of the reviewer before downloading an app or purchasing it. Identify the top review websites and blogs that are frequented by the users before they download an app. Once your clients’ app is featured on these platforms and favourable things spoken about it, you would see tons of downloads.
  • Ask The Users –Quite like the review websites and blogs, users tend to give a lot of marks to the experience and ratings provided by the fellow users. In fact this is the strategy that has been used by the apps that have attracted maximum downloads. Make use of an app review plugin that would ask your existing users for their review and ratings. This can increase the value proposition of your app store page.
  • Create A Stellar App Store Page –The look and the feel of the app store page often decides the number of app downloads. As an increase app downloads agency it is important to create a stellar app store page. It should have screenshots; specs and features mentioned. A well-written copy is a must where a few lines of text highlight the USP of the app.
  • Don’t Ignore Languages – While English has been adopted as the standard language in technology, focusing on other languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French and Korean can help in making deeper inroads into the market. This helps in reaching out to a large section of technology users and increasing downloads. Some catchy slogans in these languages can also help in gathering more eyeballs.
  • Pricing Strategy – If you are marketing a paid app you need to be very smart with the pricing strategy. Sudden price drops and their offers flashed on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can increase apps downloads. This message can also be spread using other apps that inform users about the best deals and discounts available.
  • Make A Video – This is one strategy that has paid rich dividends to companies that have tried it. By video we don’t mean a ‘talking head’ trying to explain the USP or the app on YouTube. Very few people would watch it anyways and even fewer would think about downloading the app. If you don’t have an in-house video editor hire one along with a good voice artist. Offer them all the information, snapshots and technical specs about the app and they would do wonders.
  • Run a Contest – As an increase app downloads company, this is one of the best ways to increase visibility and downloads. You can create a small and simple contest with the focus being on grabbing maximum eyeballs. Be transparent with how the winners would be selected. Once you have selected the winners you can send them money via PayPal or ship them a gift it that is feasible.

As a team offering increase app downloads services, these are some of the strategies that can go a long way in increasing app downloads for your clients. However you must keep in mind that it is not a one-off process but one that is continuous where you need to work towards increasing app downloads and making sure that existing users continue to download the fresh updates of the app.

Increasing app downloads for your clients in a challenging task. It involves understanding the market well and using the right strategy that involves getting the apps reviewed and encouraging users to share their feedback.

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