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In today’s competitive age, where everyone wants a better slice of the pie, there is always a cut-throat competition for space in search engine results. A better space in the search engine result, almost always guarantees more website visits and subsequently an increase in revenue over a longer period time.

It is a well-known fact in the internet world that placing advertising’s in Google search engine results in a costly affair. These advertisements which appear at the top of search results for a particular keyword, are more commonly known as PPC campaigns or Pay-Per-Click campaign, and that is why they end up being so costly.

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What are PPC Campaigns?

PPC is the abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click, which is a form of Internet Marketing where the advertiser, pays a fee every time a user clicks on their advertisement and visits their website. While some PPC campaigns maybe available for pennies, others are very costly and that is why PPC campaigns are one of the costliest methods of Internet Marketing. The price and the affordability of a PPC campaign depends upon the bidding price of each keyword that the advertiser selects. Keywords are divided into two types, short form and long form, and each one comes with its own pros and cons.

While short tail keywords are the most searched for and sought after, they are the most competitive and costly as well. Long tail keywords on the other hand are less competitive and are therefore cheaper to bid on. In terms of conversion, it has been proved time and again that long tail keywords convert better in terms of search engine results and e-commerce. The driving reason behind this being, that people having the patience to type long searches are known to be more inquisitive to purchase an item, when compared to people who search by only typing short phrases or one keyword. Considering the above fact, it is well understood as to why short tail keywords are costlier when compared to long tail keywords.

The bidding price of a particular keyword depends upon a multitude of factors, which include the competition, desirability, search results, density and many more. The higher the search competition, the higher is the bidding price of the keyword.

How do the PPC Campaigns work?

In a PPC campaign, an Internet Marketer, first starts by researching for keywords in a particular domain or niche. Out of the many keywords he gets, he filters the top 10 or top 5, as the situation demands, and then places his bid on it. After the keywords are selected, he moves on to structure the advertisement that will show when the selected keywords are searched. He sets the regions where the advertisement will come up and he can even select the time of the day, when the advertisement appears in the search results. Considering the regions selected and the keywords, the search engine, usually Google or Bing, gives an estimate number of clicks that will fall on this advertisement on a daily basis. Ad clicks in Google directly imply to the number of website visits. After viewing the estimated clicks and making any changes to the parameters if necessary, the internet marketer, moves on to making the payment, after which the advertisement starts running for the set duration.

There are a number of methods available for making the payment to Google. Among the many methods, there is a method known by the name Google AdWords Credits. These credits are handed out by Google in exchange for a payment and it often serves as the most widely used form of payment for Google AdWords. The only advantage of using Google AdWords Credit over other methods is to save the payee from the trouble of net banking and paying by credit card.

What is Google Grants?

Google Grants is one of a kind initiative launched by Google solely for Non-Profit Organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide. In this initiative, Google gives eligible Non-Profit Organizations $10,000 USD monthly AdWords Credits. With these credits, the eligible Non-Profit Organization can run advertisements in its search results, by targeting specific keywords, as a result of which the Non-Profit Organization will benefit by attracting more volunteers, and raising more donations, and thus ultimately make a difference in people’s lives.

While Google Grants is a very attractive scheme for every Non-Profit Organizations, getting eligible is a tough job. After being eligible the downside of using Grant Credits is that, the advertisements will be strictly text based and are not image or video eligible. Also, the advertisement will come under the paid advertisements and all advertisements are strictly keyword targeted and the cost per click of the keywords must not exceed $2.00.

Keeping aside the limitations, Google Grants is an obvious blessing for Non-Profit Organizations of all scales and sizes, and the success stories of using them are available on Google’s main website.

How we can help?

As mentioned earlier, getting verified as a Non-Profit Organizations and then being marked eligible for the Grant Pay Per Click and Charity Pay Per Click is a tough nut to crack, and more often than not, Non-Profit Organizations need the help and expertise of a seasoned Internet Marketer, for this task, and that is exactly where we come into the picture.

Softtrix Web Solutions is an esteemed Internet Marketing and Web Designing company that prides itself on unparalleled expertise and fresh creativity. Started in 2009, by 2 employees, Softtrix Web Solutions has slowly and steadily grown over the past few years into the firm that it is today. Armed with seasoned internet marketers and SEO experts, the team at Softtrix Web Solutions is the perfect to seek help if you are a Non-Profit Organization looking for Charity PPC Services or Grant PPC Services by applying to the Google Grants program.

You don’t need to look anymore for the perfect internet marketing company for your Non-Profit Organization as we guarantee satisfaction each and every time, so click the button and request a call back today.

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