Testosterone Replacement

Who: Males over the age of 30, who have low testosterone. Testosterone Replacement Therapy could benefit these people in Maximizing Energy, Building Muscle/ Losing fat, Better Sex and Improving Sleep Quality.

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TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY worked with a PPC management agency that managed their account. They had lower number of conversions, Very High cost per conversion and an extremely low conversion rate. Because of poor management of the PPC account, despite an increased cost per conversion, the conversion rate kept suffering. The traffic towards website no doubt increased but it was all irrelevant traffic. The keywords that could perform best were missing from the list of keywords. As a result, very less descriptive ads were implemented and there was No Bidding Control over non performing Keywords.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of conversions

B. High cost per conversion

C. Low Conversion Rate


Our initial strategy for Testosterone campaigns began with optimizing and restructuring their Google Adwords account in order to give us the best opportunity for success for leads. We started with large efforts at analyzing historical search terms, Negative keywords and the performance of Ads. Then, we built and segmented their Google Search terms into tightly themed ad groups for campaigns and structured campaigns in a way that allowed better bidding and budget management for converting keywords. After a few months, we saw a significant increase in ROI (Return on Investment) and Conversions. We then expanded our strategy to Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini and increased ROI by 32%.

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