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1 Body is a manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality nutritional supplements, aimed at improving overall health and quality of life. All products are manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities in USA, and ingredients are thi9rd-party lab tested to ensure excellent quality and wellbeing.

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For us, the biggest challenge was to improve the significantly poor number of conversions and boost the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 200%. At the same time, the website was plagued with a low conversion rate and high CPC.

Challenge Statement

A. Poor conversion rate

B. Low number of conversions

C. High CPC and total ad spend

D. Poor ROAS or lower conversion value


We harnessed a number of dedicated strategies to generate the desired results for 1 Body’s Google AdWords PPC ad campaigns:

  1. Optimizing the keywords to increase organic traffic and boost conversions
  2. Split testing the products as per unique ad groups
  3. Testing the campaigns on multiple devices
  4. Smart Shopping campaign was optimized and improved to increase ROAS

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