Appliances R Us is an electronic repair services company in Sydney, with a team of trained technicians offering domestic and commercial support.

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Appliance R Us was spending hefty in Google AdWords PPC ads, but the results weren’t impressive. Our biggest challenge was to reach the target audience with a well-optimized ad campaign. However, the number of conversions was poor and the ads were positioned badly. Ineffective bidding and keyword use was further causing the CPC to be significantly high.

Challenge Statement

A. Poor ad positioning

B. Low number of conversions

C. Poor conversion rate

D. High cost per conversion

E. Lack of quality traffic


We adopted different strategies required to boost conversions and deliver better value to the client. These included:

  1. Testing the ads on multiple search networks and devices to leverage the right bidding technique
  2. Testing and optimizing the search terms and keywords to drive organic traffic and increase conversions
  3. A/B testing a variety of landing paces and optimizing the same
  4. Smart Call Campaign to augment quality traffic and improve conversion at lower CPC

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