A2Z Weddings is a professional photography studio that provides top-notch wedding photography services in Sydney. They also specialize in Wedding Cinematography to make the event more special.

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The family-owned business approached us with the challenges of poor conversion rate, high cost per conversion, and poor ad positioning. Their keyword choice and optimization techniques were also poor.

Challenge Statement

A. Poor total conversions

B. Low conversion rate

C. High cost per conversion

D. Poor keyword optimization


We left no stone unturned to deliver valuable insights for A2Z Weddings. We redesigned the PPC ads using 3 headlines and 2 descriptions. After reviewing the Search Query Report, we added new and well-optimized keywords to boost performance. Additionally, bid modifiers were optimized on different devices and bids were further adjusted to generate maximum conversions and reduce ad spend. We also leveraged remarketing techniques to target the ads to specific audience groups.


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