Santa Fe Ranch is a picturesque housing complex located in Irving, offering world-class residential facilities amidst big city convenience. The fully-furnished homes have upgraded interiors and modern amenities, making them a desired choice for home buyers.

The Click Through
Rate Increased
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Total Ad Impressions
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When Santa Fe Ranch approached us with their Bing Ads campaigns, they were facing the challenge of poor click-through rate and declining average CPC despite increasing ad spend. Even if the CTR increased, the number of conversions remained low. The scenario was same across all the 14 PPC ad campaigns they were running during that time.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of total conversions

B. Poor CTR

C. High ad spend and CTC

D. Lower conversion rate


To overcome the PPC ad management challenge we were facing, we started with reviewing the limitations of each campaign. Based on our analysis, we adopted various strategies like ad campaign redesign, keyword optimization, bidding techniques, etc. to improve conversion rate and minimize cost per

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