The premier e-commerce store specializes in a wide variety of wine glasses, available in different sizes, designs, and price range.

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The business was spending a whopping U.S $10,000 per month, but the results were unexpectedly poor. The number of orders was extremely low and the sales value generated from the ad campaigns was also poor. Furthermore, the ACoS was significantly high. It was a big challenge for us to improve the results for our client and lower their costs at the same time.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of orders online

B. Poor sales value

C. High ACoS


i) We reviewed the search query and keyword report to add more relevant and high-converting keywords into the campaign

ii) New landing pages created and tested to drive organic traffic and increase sales

iii) Using keywords with varied match types

iv) Using different bidding techniques to split test the ads on various search networks

v) Testing potential and effectiveness of ads on different devices

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