$430K Monthly Sales for Clothing Industry

The brand is an online and retail store for Designer Wear. Despite a wide range of effective products, they were struggling in accomplishing their sale targets. They were looking at good returns on the investment So that they can make profits. In The beginning, They were advertising on Google Search which was costing them too high without.

Increase In Number
of Conversions
0 %
Increase In
Conversions Rate
0 %
Decrease In Cost
Per Conversions
0 %

Brand Challenge:-

– No Social Media Presence

– Identifying Targeted Audiences

– Clear Marketing Messaging & Tone


– Brand Awareness

– Increase Sale

– Increase Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS)

– Grow An Audience Base

– Increase Repeat Rate

– Handle Brand Marketing 

Our Recommendation

– We saw the real potential in launching Google Shopping Campaign, so we recommended that they must invest some of their marketing budget into Product Listing Ads (PLAs ) to take advantage of this powerful new route into the search results.

– After learning the details of the situation, the Softtrix team proposed an OMNI Channel strategy and integrate all of the data sources into the analytics dashboard.

– The website hosts a lot of pages and each one can be targeted potential customers because each contains products from unique categories. We first researched all the categories and created specific content for each category’s audience which helped improve the clickthrough rate, which showed us that our ad campaign was hitting its targets and collecting intended results.

– The mobile and desktop audiences behave differently and so we had split our campaigns in order to get a clear picture of how we can scale our budget for profitable areas.

– Website Conversion rate optimizations.

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