$195k Monthly Sales with ROI of 29X

We took over this client’s account and within two months we showed a significant increase in ROI and increase in sales velocity. Before our management, the account had very Poor ROI which was extremely unprofitable for them. 

Increase In Number
of Conversions
$ 0 k
Increase In
Conversions Rate
0 x
Decrease In Cost
Per Conversions
$ 0 k

The Challenge

1) Poor visibility in Search Results and Lack of Omni Channel Marketing Approach.

2) Low conversion volume

3) Poor conversion rate

4) Extremely Low ROI

Our Recommendation

Considering the challenge we had, we leveraged multiple strategies to boost conversions for the client, lower their CPC, and increase the conversion rate. These included keyword research and optimizing the search terms split testing ad creatives and landing pages on different devices, bids management to optimize ad spending, and including negative keywords to streamline irrelevant search traffic, Which Results in increase in $100k Revenue with the Profitable ROI Of 29X.

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