13X ROI for Sports Supplements

Our client has a Shopify store to sell sports supplements. He was doing bad when the Client came to us. they were quite worried because they haven’t been getting any revenue for their paid ads. One of the other issues is that they had several issues with conversion tracking. The target location for this business was the US

As they already had a bad experience with running the advertisements with the previous agency, so now they wanted to get a good ROAS as well as a return on their previous ads asap.

Increase In Number
of Conversions
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Increase In
Conversions Rate
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Decrease In Cost
Per Conversions

How we started:-

1. We started analyzing their existing campaign to look for details and errors, and of the things we noticed is that various targeting errors and take inspiration from existing campaigns.

2. We also started doing some research on competitors and analyse how we can create a differentiator in a highly tough market against our competitors.

3. Along with this, we also noticed that the website also had issues with speed, images CTA buttons & website conversion rate. After full analysis we got the website optimized, and improve the customer journey experience for FASTER CUSTOMER ACQUISITION

Our Recommendation

Upon taking over the account, we dig deeper into the data and split it into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. Since the product is mainly targeted toward Fitness Freaks, we created ads in different ad formats and run them on different channels. Targeted campaigns, focusing on particular demographics and devices, provided a much higher CTR. As the CTR improved, Google rewarded our client by lowering the CPC. In comparing the first month, the Conv. rate increased by 600%

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