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Today’s Apps market is no less than a gold mine so is reason enough more and more iOs and iPhone app developers are launching so many new apps regularly for the users. Why is there a proliferation of Apps? Mainly because Apps offer so much convenience for managing our day-to-day business, and personal tasks. From locating a restaurant, to buying merchandise, to setting fitness goals, everything is carried out via apps. Alongside the spurt in App development and App use a new trend we are noticing is that most top app publishers are using app reviews as a tool to market the apps they develop. And this has led to increasing competition among app developers to gain top rankings in the App store.  

But can we trust all apps reviews to be genuine? The answer is no, we can’t! There are a massive number of reviews which are fake and have been created deliberately to merely raise rankings for the app. But, this technique backfires as soon as it’s implemented. Life of fake app reviews is short, and it quickly sinks into oblivion. The good way to market an app is via genuine app reviews, which are posted by real people, who are familiar about the technical, content, and design elements of an app.

Why Look to Softtrix Web Solutions

We are experienced players of the app market, and have been developing and reviewing apps since a decade. Our app development and app review network has the cream professional app developers and reviewers who’re based at various main English speaking countries, for example, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The reviews that are posted from these nations are valued by app fans and app users around the world.

That’s mainly why the app reviews posted by us are read by a large number of people. We never post fake reviews; it’s purely not the way we work. We rely on posting real reviews after using the app once or twice, to note its performance. Only after we are sure that the app fulfills the guidelines set by App store, we proceed to making reviews and giving ratings. We have real users who write real reviews and post them on App store.

App reviews posted by real users creates a positive picture for the app. Our team then continues adding genuine reviews to the app, thus improving the ranking of your app in the App store. This gives a higher visibility to your app drawing potential buyers to your reviews page, and then to your app. With more users testing your app, your downloads improve. With increase in downloads there’s an upswing in sales, which in turn bring on higher revenues, and more profits.

Why Buy From us? includes in its network real users, and app developers who write only genuine reviews. Additionally, we also have a host of iPhone game developers working with us, writing original reviews for different types of iPhone Apps. Last but not the least we keep an eye on online communities, where consumers are learning about new products, & hearing about new hot apps. So our apps are aligned to the whims and fancies of the consumers.

Finally, it’s the consumer who has to make the purchase and we know how to present them with genuine reviews, and show them the real picture. So, if you’re looking to buy positive app store reviews then just get in touch with us; we are at your service 24x7, at our helpline. Choose us for original reviews, to get higher visibility and more downloads for your Apps. And remember our services come at the most affordable rates.

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