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If its Bing Sponsored Listings, It has to be SoftTrix

Search Engine Listings take your marketing program to the next level. Unlike SEO they drive in quality traffic to the website that helps increase your conversion rate exponentially. If you have being thinking of search engine listing services, Microsoft’s Bing is an incredible addition to Google and Yahoo sponsored listing program. While majority of users tend to focus on Google when it comes to their paid search program, Bing is no pushover as it accounts for more than 25% of the all the search that happens on the Internet. In fact the figures go even higher when we talk about search engine usage patterns in the developed and developing world. Ignoring Bing can deny you of the competitive edge that you would be looking for.

We at SoftTrix have been in the business of Internet Marketing for more than a decade and have served the needs of clients spread in every continent of the globe. Our impressive portfolio of services also includes Bing sponsored ads as we help clients in reaching out to their potential customers and convert strong leads into sales. Our digital marketing team exhibits special care in creating captivating content and targeting users in a bid to maximize the reach and reward from your PPC campaign.

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We have always kept ourselves updated with the latest trends in Bing advertising and this helps us stay ahead of our competitors both in planning, creating of strategy and implementing it methodically. It is impossible to guarantee you the top position among sponsored links, but we definitely guarantee you increased business and profits through our sponsored link marketing program.

Combining Creativity With Excellence

Any Internet Marketing strategy is the combination of technology and creativity and we get this combination absolutely right for your business. Having been in business for many years has allowed us to develop in-depth knowledge of branding and user behaviour and we use this to add spark to your Bing sponsored ads campaign. We don’t do different things but definitely do them differently that helps you go ahead of your rivals. Here is a short in-sight into what you can expect from us.

  • Thorough Research – We aren’t one of those agencies that would get started with a campaign as soon as you give it the go-ahead. We wait and research the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, identify the opportunities and take a look at what your competition is doing. If your previous campaign hasn’t yielded results we shall unearth the reasons for the same. This helps us in creating a strong roadmap for your campaign.
  • Keyword Research – The success of any search engine marketing campaign rests on the right selection of keywords and here we offer you the edge. Our team would bid on the most affordable keywords that have large search volumes and low competition to maximize the returns on your campaign.
  • Click Worthy Content – Gaining mileage out of Bing sponsored ads is as much about getting the keywords and targeting right as it is about creating click worthy content. We have a team of seasoned writers who write crisp content that improves your CTR and helps you reach out to your target audience.
  • Monitoring & Customizing – Sponsored links ad are much like playing chess where the competition is always looking to beat you in the game. To help you stay ahead, we constantly monitor your campaign and customize it to fit in with the changing needs. This puts us ahead of other marketing agencies that offer you similar services.
  • Mobile Friendly Ads – Internet users are slowly dumping the traditional desktops and laptops and shifting to smartphone and tablets when it comes to browsing the Internet. Creating mobile friendly ads is one of the key features of our services. This helps you in gaining maximum out of the new trend in Internet usage patterns.

If you want to get the best out of your Bing sponsored ads campaign you don’t need to look beyond SoftTrix. We don’t merely create ads but focus on helping you add to your brand value. Hundreds of clients have benefitted from our services and it is your chance to go ahead of your rivals.

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