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Why Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is currently the largest platform in the world for selling purposes. It is also known to draw authentic customers/ authentic traffic to your respective pages. You may initiate your campaign quickly without any hassle simultaneously consuming your allocated budget.

Almost every business today is hiring an AdWords manager to help them with their advertising campaign and increase their performance while minimizing costs to break even and hence achieving optimum effectiveness. Talented and trained AdWord managers are hard to find and can be an asset to your organization. They perform within a given budget and the allocated timeline, which drives your advertising campaign to get the desired results. Just like a pro they help you yield phenomenal results which to you may seem a bit difficult if you choose to perform them yourself.

Just as you’re curious to know about their tricks, we were too! So we dug in deep and found out incredible secrets, which we’d like to share with you.

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Tricks up their sleeves!

  • Keyword suggestion tool – This awesome tool allows AdWord Managers to quickly optimize the campaign by finding relevant keywords for each ad group. It also allows them to find more data on keywords like search volumes, level of competition and estimated average CPC etc.
  • CPC bid automation – This allows them to create automated rules which run at a certain time and can make real time changes to the campaign based on the scenario, for example, impressions or total amount spend.
  • Dynamic keyword insertions – Try doing a Google search! What did you find? There are several ads with keywords exactly matching your search phrase, which quickly grabs your eyes as it is bolded and eye grabbing. Now just imagine if you could setup your ad similar to what you found out while searching for something. This would have the exact keyword your audience has used to search. This benefits you as the ad perfectly appears in front of your audience and hence achieving the desired result. This may seem magic to you but it is just a simple task for these Adword Managers
  • Real time alerts – This is just like an alarm! Real time alerts are used to keep a tab on the campaigns and these alerts send a signal whenever something seems unfit or out of the place.
  • Radius and custom shape geo-targeting – It is very simple to target a specific location by selecting the desired area, city or a postal code segment. However, with the help of this tool using geological targeting tools could accurately target required audience. They use radius tool to specify the radius around an area/point to target that custom area.
  • Historical campaign performance – You must have heard about trends! As a matter of fact, your past campaign performance could have a real effect on your current campaigns and their scores and hence affecting your bid. Having a track of past successful campaigns proves to be beneficial as it will ultimately result in having a slight quality score bonus for all your new keywords in the campaign, which would increase your display rankings, decrease your bids and make the jobs very easy. Isn’t it an interesting research?

There are plenty of interesting tweaks that you may add up in your AdWords account on daily basis and many optimizations that you can conduct on a regular basis. While there is ‘n’ number of answers to the questions, we’ve shared the best ones with you. Follow the above rules and keep your AdWords account fit and in great shape.

Here at Softtrix, we ensure that you get optimum performance in every campaign we undertake. A team of enthusiastic people strives to achieve the maximum and continues to add value to the clients. Be it a digital strategy or suggestion, we put forward our best foot and continue to deliver more than your expectation.

Digital keeps on changing every year and keeps on launching new features that help in optimizing the campaigns. Make sure to keep abreast with the latest changes in the industry. Stay tuned to the page!

We’ll be back with more such updates. Until then keep performing well and keep doing great job and delivering good performance!

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