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In the modern world of business, Internet is the mirror of your reputation. A prospective client who is interested in your products or services would invariably carry out some background research on your firm. The moment the client comes across a bad review or comment, he/she is more likely to pass over you and search for another product or service provider. In fact there is nothing more frustrating than finding your brand associated with something negative. Your track record and all your past achievements can fall flat in the face of a negative campaign. Maintaining a positive online reputation is as important as running your business in the first place. It helps you stay ahead of the competition. While you can do very little to prevent such campaigns, you need go the drawing board and work towards repairing your reputation. In the event of such campaigns you should waste no time and act immediately as a few days of delay can help these negative campaigns grow and achieve their core goal of damaging the reputation of your brand in the online world.

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Driving from Negative to Positive

At SoftTrix we are a leading Internet Marketing company and understand your frustration and anxiety in the event of such negative campaigns. We offer reputation repair services with a touch of difference. We don’t merely focus on helping you overcome the ills of a negative campaign but focus on building a positive brand image that helps you in the long run in driving your brand forward and increase sales of products and services. We work on a tailored strategy based on the kind of campaign that has been directed against you and the potential damage it can cause. We offer a comprehensive package which fixes the issues with your online reputation and helps you emerge stronger in the hour of crisis.  


Our Approach to Reputation Repair


  • Suppressing Negative Content – Your reputation is as good as what appears on the first few pages of Google and other search engines. You seldom visit the inner pages of the search engines and your potential clients are also unlikely to do so. We have the skills and technical knowhow to suppress all the negative content about your brand and push them into the back pages of the search engines where they are visible to miniscule audience. We use social media sites, community websites, Hug Pages, Squidoo Lens etc. to ensure only the positive reviews, comments and are seen on the first few pages of the search engines.
  • Brand Building – This is what we have built a reputation for in the market and have helped dozens of clients in the most trying circumstances. With our command over SEO techniques and Social Media Marketing we are able to promote your brand positively. It not only wards off the problem that you are currently facing but also builds a great defense against all future campaigns that are aimed at hurting the reputation of your brand. With our focused campaign you are rest assured that whenever someone is searching your brand on the search engines or the social media they would find only positives results around your brand.

At SoftTrix we don’t just repair your brand’s reputation but create a positive air about your brand. You focus on your products and services and we take care of your brand reputation.

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