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In the modern world businesses run on online reputation. While you would spend thousands of dollars to promote your site on the search engines, it is equally important to make sure you don’t get listed for any negative comments or posts. For instance being listed on a consumer complaint website such as can do a lot of harm to your business. Whether you like it or not, any mention of your business, products or services on this platform would appear high on the search engine results pages and can turn away potential business. There have been several allegations against this platform with some people having termed this privately owned platform run-for-profit as extortion business. If you have found your brand’s name mentioned on Ripoff you should immediately try and get it removed.

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Ripoff Report Removal & Brand Promotion

Getting a Ripoff review removed is one of the most challenging things. Many businesses have tried taking up complains about false and fabricated reviews being published about their brand but the Ripoff team doesn’t pay any head to such complaints. This has made this platform one of the easiest tools that is often used to malign the image of a brand. Many businesses have used this against their rivals in a bid to defame them. Victims have also accused the platform of demanding money from businesses in lieu of getting negative content removed. Whether or not these are true is debatable but at SoftTrix we help you remove Ripoff reports and prevent any damage to your brand image. We have been in the business of Online Reputation Management for many years and have developed expertise in dealing with such kinds of issues.
Our services have two distinct phases – burying the negative content and promoting your brand on the search engines and the social media platform. Both these are interlinked and we focus on creating a positive image around your brand in the market and doing away with all the negative content. While prices for such removal services can vary depending on the gravity of the situation we offer you best value for money in the hour of adversity. Being based out of India allows us to keep our prices competitive and help your brand emerge stronger in the most adverse circumstances.  


How We Do It?


  • Burying Negative Content – Since removing negative comments published on isn’t an option in most cases we suppress all the negative content that is published on this platform. We use a number of suppression techniques that include search engine optimization and social media marketing that would bury the negative content and replace them with content that catches the attention of your potential customers.
  • Strict Monitoring – When someone intends to hurt your brand reputation, they are most likely to carry out these attacks in a phased manner. As your ORM service provider we strictly monitor your online presence. Any negative mention of your brand would meet our eyes before your potential customers see it. We immediately take steps to remove it or bury such mentions.

At SoftTrix we don’t let reviews tarnish the reputation of your brand. Our team is focussed on creating a positive outlook for your brand adding to your brand equity in the long run.

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