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Internet has become an integral part of the world of business. Whether you are a doctor, attorney, or manage a business, Internet offers you innumerous option to reach out and also be found out. From Google Places to Facebook Pages other online tools, you would surely be drawing many dividends from the Internet in your professional activities every day.

But the same free and open Internet can also be used against you. A single negative post about your products, services or your past can ruin your online image. If can be a minor offence that you may have committed in the past or a negative campaign that is aimed at tarnishing your reputation.

In a world where most of your customers and clients are most likely to search for you on the Internet negative posts isn’t surely a welcome thing.

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Countering The Problem At Source

The moment you notice something negative about your brand on the search engines or the social media you start scratching your head and wish you could delete it. Well, it’s possible to remove negative posts and at SoftTrix we have developed expertise in offering you such services. Each online reputation issue is different and we aren’t beholden to any fixed strategy in dealing with them. Making the right choice at such crucial junctures is what separates us from the rest. Most issues need careful handling as knee jerk reaction can often prove to be counter productive and may cause more damage to your reputation. As experts in Online Reputation Management we manage campaigns that prevent damage to your brand reputation and also help promote your brand and add to its equity.

Our Winning Strategy Includes

  • Removing Negative Posts Permanently – While most other ORM service providers in the market would talk about suppression, we devote maximum time and resources to permanent removal of the posts. Once removed these posts pose no threat to your brand reputation. This calls for expertise and good understanding of the laws that govern the Internet. We raise complaints and protest on the right platforms and forums to get any ill-fetched post permanently removed and have enjoyed a good success rate over the years.
  • If Not Kill It, Hide It – A negative post in the inner pages of the search engines is as good as it not even existing. If all our efforts to get it permanently removed fail we resort to suppression technique. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and other strategies of Internet Marketing allows us to replace all the negative posts with positive reviews and content about your brand. We have a well-trained team of optimizers and copy writers who use the right techniques to have the positive content rank high on the search engines.
  • Educating Clients on ORM – We don’t consider the job finished till we have educated clients on the basics of maintaining a positive reputation about their brand. We teach you to remain ever more vigilant and watchful of their brand reputation. This involves introducing you to tools and technology that allows you to keep track of every mention of your brand and take the corrective measures at the right time to prevent damage.

At SoftTrix we know how to deal with crisis and get negative posts removed almost immediately. We don’t make tall claims rather walk the talk.

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Remove Negative Post

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