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Remove Negative Information From Google Search

Internet is surely the biggest library of information and has made information about people, brands and institution easily available to the masses. It has allowed almost every individual to become a publisher and express their views and sentiments. Today anyone can write an article or publish a photograph. Such has been the power of this information repository that most users tend to create a perception about individuals and businesses from what they read on the Internet. What is seen and posted on the Internet thus has a great impact on an individual’s life and the growth and success of a business.

This is where Internet has often been misused to malign the names of individuals and brand. It can be from an unhappy customer, a displeased former employee or a business rival looking to create a space for itself in the market. Also some events of the past such as old judgments, arrests and DUI offence can also act as a roadblock in an individual’s career. In a tech savvy world where online reputation is perceived to be the reflection of an individual or a business, maintaining a positive online image is elementary to your survival. When you or your business have been wronged by a malicious campaign, or your past is hurting you it is important to remove negative information from the search engines and the social media.

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Burying The Past and Focusing on The Present

Whether you want to counter the negative campaign or burry an event from your past, we are your perfect Online Reputation Management partners. At SoftTrix we have worked on a number of challenging projects where we have helped clients successfully remove negative information about themselves and their business from Google and other search engines and social media platforms. Our team has expertise in digital marketing and cyber laws that allows us to take all possible technical steps and also raise complaints in the right forums that protects the reputation of our clients.


Our services are useful in the following events –

  • Negative Reviews & Comments
  • Old Court Records and Judgments
  • Defamatory Consumer Advocacy Postings
  • Forum and Social Media Postings
  • Ripoff Reports and Online Complaints
  • Cached Pages & Images

Techniques We Employ For Name Removal

  • Removal At Source – There is nothing better than removing the content from the source. This is the first step that we consider and contact the publisher or the individual behind the post and get it removed under mutual cooperation. We also raise the issue with the platform if there is anything illegal involved with the post or comment.
  • Natural Burial – If we cannot get the name removed altogether we get it removed from the top search results about your brand on Google and other search engines. We employ the latest SEO techniques along with Social Media Marketing and Content Creation that allows us to make all negative content irrelevant. It can take a few days but the results are highly encouraging.
  • Vigilant Monitoring – Malicious campaigns are often followed by more hateful campaign to malign your or your brand’s reputation. As a part of our service we remain vigilant to any subsequent postings and take immediate actions.
Remove Negative Information From Google

At SoftTrix we do whatever it takes to protect the online identity of our clients help them overcome all negative campaigns.

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Salient Features Of Reputation Management Services

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