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Remove Name From Google Search Results

Your reputation or that of your business is as good as what a user finds on the search engine. Whether this is good or bad, nobody cares. After all you are unlikely to do business with a brand if you find it marred in controversies.

Internet is an open platform and people are free to post anything they like from anywhere in the world. This openness is often misused to malign the image of an individual, a business or an institution. Malicious campaign can tarnish your image and lead to loss of potential business.

If you or your company has been at the receiving end of such a hateful campaign you would wish to immediately remove name from Google or other search engines. Online Reputation Management services offer you respite in such situations and help you deal with this problem.



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Delivering Success in the Hour of Crisis

At SoftTrix we strive to help clients in the hour of crisis. As one of the leading Online Reputation Management Service providers we have the technical skills, marketing acumen and a team of trained professionals who would employ various strategies that helps in dealing with the challenge at hand. We employ a highly value based approach to the problems, where we study the root cause of the problem and the potential damage it can have on your brand. This allows us to design a comprehensive strategy which helps in overcoming the negative campaign immediately and helping your brand succeed in the long run.

Our Winning Strategy

  • Permanent Removal – Our first aim is to get the harmful links, comments, images and reviews removed permanently from the search engine. We have a team of experienced marketers, programmers who approach sites and platforms publishing these comments through the right channels to get them removed permanently. Once removed the content in the form of text or images don’t appear on the search results.
  • Suppressing Hateful Content – If permanent removal is not an option we would bury the hateful content deep inside the search engine results to minimize the damage they can cause to you or your brand. This is a skill oriented process where we ensure that the links go to the back pages of Google and other search engines for every possible keyword or key phrase that you or your brand is likely to be searched with.
  • Protecting Your Identity – Hateful campaigns aren’t usually one-off affairs. People with vested interests tend to keep hitting you back. Protecting your online identity is one of the core goals of our Online Reputation Management service. After removal or suppression we remain vigilant and continuously monitor your brand name to deal with subsequent hate campaigns.
  • Rebranding – Online Reputation Management isn’t limited to fire fighting; it is also about creating a positive image about your brand. Here we take full advantage of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing to help you make a strong statement in the online world. From writing appealing content to running campaigns across different social media channels we create a positive buzz that attracts easy eyeballs and adds to your brand equity.

Salient Features Of Reputation Management Services

We have a single goal to help you take control over your brand reputation. At SoftTrix we love challenges and offer you 100% satisfaction with our Online Reputation Management Services.

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