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Dentist Reputation Management Services

Dentists like most other professionals thrive on their reputation. In today’s world where Internet has become the biggest repository for information it is important for a dentist or a dental clinic to maintain positive image in the virtual world. While a series of positive and honest reviews can lead to large queues for appointment, negative comments and review can ward off all your potential clients.

There is nothing more frustrating than coming across negative posts from the patients or their family members despite the hard work that you put in to your job. In most cases, patients who complain are the ones who don’t follow your after-care advice and don’t experience desired results. Sadly most people would judge you by these reviews and hence your skills and expertise all become a function of your online reputation.

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The Importance of Positive Online Reputation

To understand the importance of positive online reputation for a dentist, let us examine an everyday scenario. John is in need of a procedure and he is browsing through the Internet to find service providers nearby. He finds your name, and when he tries to do a background check on your reputation comes across a comment from one of your former clients who termed the procedure as painful and complete waste of money. Will John visit your clinic? It seems quite unlikely. Alternately if he had come across a positive review about your service, it may have translated into an appointment.

At SoftTrix we understand your challenge as a dentist where one negative review can hit your business for months or years. Our specialised dentist reputation management services have been designed to cater meet the needs and expectations of dentists and dental clinics. Our team members have sharpened their skills over many years and this allows us to work on a well-prepared strategy that helps in shaping a positive image about your brand.

How We Maintain Dentist Reputation

  • Remove Negative Comments – A genuine patient may post a negative comment when under serious pain and discomfort. We try and contact such patients and ask them to remove those comments and explain to them your position and promising discounts or other offers on their next visit.
  • Concealing Negative Reviews – Negative reviews in many cases are aimed at hurting your reputation and can be from one of your rivals. In such cases we conceal these negative reviews and push them to the inner pages of the search engines. Our expertise with search engine optimization allows us to achieve quick results.
  • Enhancing Your Reputation – We employ a number of techniques and strategies to enhance your brand reputation. From writing reviews on different platforms to creating your presence on the social media, we carry out a number of tasks that helps you reap the benefits of digital marketing techniques.
  • Monitoring Reputation – We monitor your online reputation regularly and constantly keep a watch on what is being said about your services and clinic. We use state-of-the-art tools that raise instant alerts whenever your name is mentioned online. This allows us to deal with any kind of negative campaign and prevent it from hurting your reputation.

We have helped several dentists in the past and we can help you create a positive image for you and your clinic. Remember in a competitive environment, online reputation alone can decide your success.

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Dentist Reputation Management Services

Salient Features Of Reputation Management Services

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