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With the change in technologies and demands, accessing the internet is a common activity among users. The usage of internet ranges from the collection of important information to the development of business. Online business is the most commercial part of web preferred by most of the people to make money and to lead their business towards progressive growth by sitting anywhere in the world. The growth of every business unit depends mainly on the advertisement. In past pamphlets, announcements and flyers etc. were used for advertisement purpose but in modern world due to rapid usage of internet, website is the most recommendable entity for this purpose.

Quality Web Design at Lower Cost

Quality Web Design at Lower Cost

Company websites are the supreme and latest methodology of success which ensures an excellent and cost effective result for several ranges of businesses across the world. In general website is a group of pages which are proposed under the same domain name, located on the World Wide Web. These pages include the information regarding the services and products of the business which are arranged in the form of graphics, text and sound media etc. Each website contains a home page which will be the first page viewed by the users while they visit the website a particular company. The pages of website are usually accessed from a web address known as Uniform Resource Locator.

Different categories of websites:-

Corporate Website: - It is a type of website where a business division can update its content and information in a regular manner. It provides a window display to every person to get knowledge about that particular unit. It is mainly accessed by the general manager. The main motive behind these types of websites is to spread the information all around the world in a short span of time.

Commercial website: - These types of websites are generally used to earn money. It may include the company website with some additional features or description and price lists of products etc. These are designed by focusing on the needs and expectations of the users he or she would want to discover or purchase.

Affiliate Website: - These are the websites which promote other websites to increase the traffic and get commission on the sale basis.

An effective website is the one which creates an excellent impression in the mind of user and increases the chance to achieve good results and conversions in a short span of time. Designing a striking website for a company is a very important aspect because only then you will be capable of capturing the attention of audience. Therefore, the designer must create the website in such a way that it can attract maximum number of customers.

Here are some key points to keep in mind while designing an effective website:-

a. Structure of the Website: - Structure is the main thing that will affect the mind of user either in a positive or negative way. So, always try to avoid useless content and graphics which can give a bad impression to the spectators. Use the content which have following features:-

• Communicable
• Organized
• Economized

b. Simplicity: - Always use simple and easy language which can be easily understood by the user, because lengthy and difficult text will frustrate the audience.

c. Feature Exposure: - Try to expose the main features of the products or services in such a manner that it highlights the qualities and advantages of service or the product instantly and motivate the users to buy it.

d. Manage To Focus Consumer’s Attention: - While talking about marketing prospective, images, videos, patterns etc. create a long lasting view in the users’ mind as compared to text. So, always try to focus the attention of the visitor by using more images which can easily describe the qualities of the services or the product offered by the company in an excellent way.

e. Speed: - Speed is the most important feature which should be kept in mind while designing the site. In this busy world, everyone runs short of time. People don’t want to waste their time while waiting the thing to take place. So, they browse and use internet to accomplish any sort of work. So avoid using heavy graphics and prefer the designs which can be easily accessible from anywhere.

f. Effortless Navigation: - Online browsers will be more comfortable if they find easy and simple navigation while searching something, which further encourages them to read more about the company. So, create a less complex website with proper navigation and design which gives a fresh look to your page.

g. Search Engine Friendly: - Keywords play an important role in improving the status of a website. So, use unique and relevant keywords according to the content and services, which help in creating a user friendly environment between the user and the search engine.

h. Easy To Update: - While making any business website, the designer must keep in mind that the site can be easily updated from time to time. You can easily rearrange and transform the design of the website whenever you want.

web design services

web design services


Creating an effective website will help you to take your organization towards success. Some benefits of a tempting and nicely designed website are:-

1. Visual representation of business

2. Saves time and printing expenses

3. Can be easily updated

4. Improves relationships with the customers

5. Easy to access

6. Helps in targeting each customer individually

7. Improves the ranking and status of an organization in a short span of time

A website can be defined as an assortment of web pages, videos, images or other digital resources that is hosted on single or multiple Web server(s), generally accessible via the web, LAN or a cell phone. It is actually the replication of an organization offering a number of services or products. Millions of people prefer to buy products or services with the help of internet. It becomes very essential that your business website should be capable of engaging the attention of the people. Therefore, you should hire a designer having complete knowledge about all the elements that can create an awe-inspiring website for you.

Web Design News With Changing Trends

Web Design New and Trends To Make Best Practices

Web designing is subtle science involving various techniques and tools to design a website. It is never an easy job because a web based business invites competition from all around the world. As the websites are the only means of communicating and selling over the Internet, hence they play a vital role in online success of a business.

web design news

web design news

Usually business owners go for hiring some reputed web designing companies to create a website for them. These web developers deliver the best outcomes for the needs of their clients. After having a strong online presence, continuous brain storming and innovative strategies are required to be formulated and implemented to stand tall with the changing trends. This requires a business owner to be diligent enough to sense these changes and to devise new strategies. Entrepreneurs adopt various research methodologies to formulate effective strategies. But then again, these webmasters are dependent over the skills of the web designers. This highlights the need of an efficient web designing service. Understanding the need to implement change inducing strategies yourself; enables a business owner to communicate with his web designer well. A reputed web designing firm should always be updated with the latest web designing news and demands. In this article let us go through the latest web design news stating the need to implement various innovative strategies.

web design news

web design news

1) Retina display, Hot website design news:

Apple introduced the concept of Retina displays in Apple I phone 4. Retina display boasts up the pixel density up to four times than non retina displays. Retina displays causes issues with image heavy websites and makes the images look grainy. This led to the development of tools like retina.js, along with HTML/CSS and various other pixel query solutions. Now webmasters need to create websites supporting retina devices. This is achieved by scaling the larger images into half the size to look more crispy over the retina displays.

web design news

web design news

2) Responsive web designs:

Year 2013 is a year for responsive web design. With the evolution of various smart devices to access the Internet, now the websites are being developed considering specifications of these smart devices like Apple I phones, Tablets, Androids, etc. Responsive web design alters the structure of the website in accordance with the specification of the device accessing the Internet. It adds to the functionality and accessibility to the Internet through these devices. Also in the WordPress market, all the newly built themes are mobile optimized. Also, Apple TV set for large screen web browsing will call for different large format scenarios.


web design news

3) Twitter bootstrap usage latest web designing news.

Twitter bootstrap gained much popularity for creating web applications and now is extensively being used as a full fledged web creation framework, with responsive layouts. Twitter Bootstrap will continue to gain widespread usage among web creators of all types.

web design news

web design news

4) Education webdesigning

Education courses for web designing and developing is far lagging behind the required Industry standards. Our designers are required to be updated with every new evolving tools and techniques. Various online training services are present over the Internet which teaches to become a web designer and developer. These online training services offers high quality videos, projects, techniques to excel in web designing and developing. Treehouse, The Starter League are such online training services.

web design news

web design news

5) Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the latest web design news. This trick is used in animation and enables the background images to move slowly than foreground text when a user scrolls. It add looks to your website and is in great demand today.

web design news

web design news

6) Data Integration

Web designing tools which enables the text to appear directly in the web design is in high demand. Instead of creating data visualizations in other software and then uploading onto a website, tools that make data a part of the design process is after thought.

web design news

web design news

7) Typography web design news

Many of fonts which worked well on the prints failed to shine in pixels. Fonts like Hoefler & Frere-Jones and Adobe are used now which appear good on any screens.

8) Creative navigation system

Web designers are working for sophisticated navigation systems for rich user experience.

web design news

web design news

We at Softtrix, India based web designing company offer latest solutions to the needs of our clients. We have profound experience for about 12 years now. Our team of professionals are highly experienced to deliver quality solutions. We keep into consideration the latest demands of the web designing industry. We are updated with the evolving technologies and cater clients globally. Check out more about us at our website.

Free Traffic To My Site

Free Traffic To My Site

Get free traffic to your website

Getting people to come to your site is not something you can do overnight as many people think. It requires hard work and spirited efforts for you to get all that traffic that you want. Even those whose websites are ranking top with the highest number of visitors will tell you that it is something that they hard to work for but it never just came on a silver platter. Here are a few things that you should check out for if at all you are going to catch the eyes of any client. The best place in which you can get good traffic is from the search engine. Make sure that your site is search engine optimized.

Free Traffic For My Website

Free Traffic For My Website

  • Identify what your website is about: Before a person decides to visit your site then they must understand what your site is all about. If you are offering information about finance, then your website niche should be finance. The main important thing here is to be specific on w hat your site is all about. Categorize it according to the information that you are providing. It could be in business and finance if the content is based on this agenda or it could be on health if you are discussing health issues. You should give your visitor an overview of what they should expect when they visit your site.

  • Search for a niche on Google: After you have identified the niche that your website is going to be based upon then you should search on Google for your specific niche. After searching you should note the top 10 ranking websites on the excel sheet.

  • Go to This is a site that shows traffic data for many websites. In this site you will be able to get information about the sites that get most traffic. You can have a look on them as you try to find out what makes them succeed in attracting many clients.

  • Once you are on you should put the URL of the website that you noted on the search box .For example if your website is then you should type this on the search box and then click on the search button so that the traffic data can be generated.

  • Alexa then presents then data of top 100 sites that link back to the site that you searched for. What you can do now is to open an excel sheet and then paste the top 100 sites linking back to the site you were searching for, you can now start posting link to your site.

After doing this you will be driving traffic to your site for free without having to pay for any Ads. You can also create back links that will contribute towards attracting people to your site and this will definitely generate more traffic to your site. What back links do are link back people to your site. If you can be able to attract people to your site then your business will ultimately grow as you can convert them to buyers.

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How To Increase CTR



Many are the times that you just wanted to increase your click through rates without necessarily considering what it may do to your conversion rate. It is true that increasing CTR is not a guarantee that your conversion rate will increase because it can even decrease. What is important is to test it and see how it affects your account objectives. Let us jus have a look at how to increase ctr.


  • Adding an extension: Definitely one of the ways that you can increase click through rate and have appositive effect on the conversion rate is by adding ad extensions. With ad extensions you will be able to show more information with your Ads and show more real estate on the page. You can have an extension for social, local, products and currently there are beta products and subscription extension that can also be added. If you have not added a single extension then you should do it now before it is too late.

  • Add site links: Sitelinks can be classified the same as extensions apart from the fact that there is one huge difference that sitelinks has from all the other extensions. With sitelinks you can add additional benefits and navigation directly from your ads. The other difference is that only one extension can appear with an ad but you can have sitelinks appear with another extension.


  • Have extended headlines: One sure way in which you can increase your click through rates is by ending the description first lines with a punctuation mark. It is also important to note that this will only apply if your ads appear above the organic results. After doing this the description line 1 is added to the ads and this makes your ads stand tall.

  • Use trademarks: Many consumers like associating themselves with a certain brand. Make sure that you have a unique brand that will market your site to all people. You should be careful on this and follow all the legalities necessary in this process.

  • Give something for free: Who does not want free things, by giving free things you may just be calling more consumers to your business. You should indicate clearly on your ads whether it’s free consultation, free gifts, and free watches. All this does not matter what matters is the fact that they are free.

  • add discounts and Remove prices: This may sound awful but it is true. a price on the ad reminds the consumer that they have to spend money when getting your products. By removing price tags on the ads you will increase your ctr. you should exchange the price tag with a discount .let the consumer know that instead of spending much the prices have been cut down.

If you find that you cannot be able to increase your websites CTR on your own then you should look for help. How to increase ctr can be easy but the challenging part is who can do that for you at an affordable price that you do not have to break a bank. You need to search no more as softtrix web solutions can do all this at an affordable price.

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Tips For Designing A Effective Brochure

Brochures are a good way to advertise the products and services of your business. The brochure design need to be original, unique and eye-catching so that it persuade the buyer to pick it up and read the content.

A brochure that is lying at a checkout counter, has other brochures to compete with. A successful brochure is the one that stands out from others. You select one brochure from a group and the reason behind that could be, either the color is attractive, or the brochure is unique and the other reason could be that it is featuring a product of your interest.

Color plays a significant role in a brochure design. Innovative use of the colors and different combinations are eye catching. If you want to keep your brochure design simple yet dramatic then a single, flat, clean color balanced with blank spaces and an interesting font in a contrasting color is very impressive and eye-catching.

Paint brush strokes as a backdrop can also be used, if it looks like canvas. This gives the brochure a creative touch thus making it look creative and attractive. This should be used only if your product fits the theme. A little glitter can also be used to spice up the brochure. While introducing new products, usage of sparkle can be effective.

Gold and silver metallic inks provide a touch of class to the brochures which are advertising high end products. Along with old fashioned typography and artistic borders the brochure will have a luxurious look, that will definately attract the readers.

Good quality photographs should be used and the the graphics should also be creative and artistic. The printing and the paper should be also of high quality because it is a proven fact that inferiority has never attracted anyone.

Font that is to be used is a very important element and can add significantly to a design. The font that is to be used must be in accordance with the subject matter of the brochure. For example, a comic script will not suit the brochure advertising elegant footwear.

Use only one type of font otherwise the brochure will look cluttered and will be difficult to read. Two fonts can also be used to create an interesting contrast, that will make the brochure look attractive and easy to read.

Copywriting is another important element of a brochure design. It should provide information about the product or service to the reader. The language that is to be used should be easy and should invite the buyer to read it with interest.

If you design a brochure keeping in mind the above mentioned factors then your brochure design will be effective and creative. In the end, it can be concluded that a professional brochure design that is produced with quality and care will represent a good product and will also build a good image of the company at the same time. Services of a professional and creative designer should be taken.